weathered leather

1454820_500728843376817_757835387_nDespite the name – these are anything but weathered. Soft leather wrap bracelets are the base for several different hues of patinas that occur in nature. It’s when rain and the environment meet metal – but captured in viterous enamel instead. The enamel is torch-fired at more than 1500 degrees to preserve the colors. These pieces remind us that with ages comes beauty.

The inspiration for these colors is the beauty that is displayed in the photo below.089c8aca20d4a4bb986750fab14ff208 Multiple shades of browns, purples and turquoise can either be dressed up or worn with casual attire.

fall leaves

IMG_4018Fall can be a new beginning and a time to experience things that are warm and comfortable. There soft leather wrap bracelets invoke both feelings of warmth, through the use of color, and comfort in the rich dark brown leather. The enamels are torch-fired at more than 1500 degrees to preserve the colors that mother nature hides from us most of the year.

Fall is a great time of color and no better way to be inspired than by the photo shown here.942ff13388c009b39f17404a52baf0ab